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A quick game I whipped up seeing how Ludum Dare was about to end and I had nothing. Didn't have time to give it a title so I just went with... that. Or 8 Hours for short. Has nothing to do with the gameplay.

Here's some gameplay tips!

  • You need to collect all four pieces of the ancient armor. Each piece gives you special buffs!
  • You get armor from slimes. Shiny ones have a higher chance of dropping pieces!
  • Try not to die. You'll be untouchable as long as you swing your sword, but don't let them overwhelm you with numbers!

Buffs provided by armor:
Heroic Helmet - Killing slimes heals you
Cool Chestplate - Your max HP is increased by 2
Gigantic Gauntlets - All slimes are a one-hit kill
Bouncy Boots - Get an extra jump mid-air

Post mortem changelog:
Made the attacking animation a little bit more snappy
Changed up the controls for a better experience
Made the camera move less
Lowered slimes' spawn rate and hyperactivity


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Revised (Post-mortem) Version 10 MB
On-deadline Version 9 MB
GMZ file 13 MB
Soundtrack, if you feel like downloading it for some reason 5 MB

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