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Erect 4 monuments while taking care of your peasants and fending off any fiends!

Every time a new building is built its price increases. The same is with soldiers and peasants. The more excess food you hold the more likely traitors are to attack you

Basically a more chaotic version of Stronghold with Downwell’s aesthetic look.


…how the hell do you even play this?


  • Click your soldiers and the king to move them around
  • Placing your mouse over the castle shows you the amount of coins, excess food, peasants and the king’s health
  • Click a building to access its upgrade/build menu (try it out on the castle first)
  • Orchards (trees) provide 3 units of food per day to your castle
  • Each house summons 2 peasants and provides a way of buying more
  • Mines can only be built on rocks
  • Miners can be employed in the mines
  • Soldiers can be recruited in the barracks
  • Walls stop enemies from walking through
  • Walls can be upgraded to monuments. Building 4 of them wins the game.
  • The cave on the bottom periodically spawns enemies

CASH & FOOD (i.e. the confusing part)

  • Each peasant and soldier needs 1 piece of food per day to sustain themselves
  • Each peasant pays 1 coin every day
  • Miners require 1 extra piece of food for a total of 2 per day to sustain themselves, but they pay out with 2 coins
  • Each soldier needs to be paid 1 coin per day
  • If there’s not enough food to sustain your village the first ones to go hostile are the miners. Then the peasants will follow, and lastly the soldiers.
  • Excess food from the previous day gets deleted, meaning that waiting will not get you any extra apples.
  • The more excess food you have the more often traitors will spawn


  • DON’T place 2 orchards at the beginning of your game. Just don’t do it man.
  • Keep an eye out for prices of crucial items. You don’t want to be caught with your pants down or overpay for your troops, now do you?
  • Quickly place all 4 walls. You may try to block the traitors’ cave with them. When you succeed just remember that traitors can’t see 2 feet ahead of themselves.
  • Look out for your food supply. Too much excess food will lure in the traitors while too little will make your peasants riot.


  • Game Maker: Studio (code, sprites)
  • LMMS (music)
  • SFXR (sound effects)
  • My hands (keyboard input)


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