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Jimmy Mcblaster is stranded in an old space station. Space Pirates have tracked that old hunk of metal down and are trying to get inside using the teleporters and take out Jimmy! He will need to expand the base by placing extra rooms, and fight waves of enemies to survive! Will he build the reactor to finally shut off the teleporters and get out of there, or will he perish?


  • WASD - movement, console menus
  • E - interact, select
  • Mouse - aim
  • LMB - fire


  • Port - Another teleporter. More enemies, but also more tokens!
  • Arsenal - Contains a vending machine. You can buy a gun for 2 tokens there.
  • Corridor - An empty room with 3 terminals. Lets you expand your base even further.
  • Medbay - Contains a healing machine. Every health point healed costs a token, uses are limited.
  • Reactor - The final room. Activate it to start the final battle. Will you prevail?


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Jimmy Mcblaster builds a space station.exe 32 MB


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Found a little bug making enemies go through walls. Other than that.. really cool project, solid gameplay and really good use of the limited amount of assets. :)