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wow! im interested in to how this redering engine was made in gms, but not enough to actually download the source file and examine :P

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It’s actually really simple and all done using stock GML!

What I did was divide every room into two sections - one containing what is inside the ship you’re in, the other what is outside. Then I made two surfaces - surf_inside and surf_outside.

Everything that’s supposed to be drawn inside the ship had its draw event prefaced with a couple lines of code that set the camera’s position to where the player’s eyes were looking and the target surface to surf_inside.

Everything outside had the camera set to where the ship was (+ the angle the player was looking at to make it look genuine) and the target surface set to surf_outside.

Then at the Draw GUI event I first draw surf_outside, then i draw surf_inside on top of it aaannnd… that’s basically it!

I’m not sure if that’s what you were looking for, but let me know if you wanna know anything else

I was more curious about the basic 3D implementation but i assume u just used the basic 3D in the engine? I just never used them or even taken a look at them so i have no idea how hard it is

Yeah, I used the basic 3D - it’s a bit hard to get going initially, but once you figure out the basics it’s pretty easy to work with

Oh cool. I guess i could try to learn this but it is a much better career choice to just move to unity, honestly if i were to move even just a year ago i might already have been in a full time development job, but no regrets. 

This is such a fun game idea! didn't have time to check what my high score was (exited it accidentally) but I'm pretty dang good at it for sure! I hope to see your future projects with Godot. Keep it up!


Love your game bro its so really looking forward to the next update and the ability to spend space dosh.push forward and i think your game will get pretty far.

Thanks a lot for the kind comment!

Unfortunately the development is halted right now - the scope of what I wanted to do is just too big for just myself to handle in my free time :(

But I AM making a more manageable game with a similar pace and gameplay loop. I specifically designed it so that I can make it with the resources I have on hand, so that’s something to look forward to!

As for IHR, I’m DEFINITELY coming back to it once I have more time to spare (or an actual budget, lol)

what to do so that i can crash another pod after i crashed the first one


Look for doors with green lights above them - they will lead you to the ship’s cockpit

win 10 amd ryzen 7 rx5700 game freezes and must CTRL-ALT-DEL to kill game. looks decent wish it worked for me.

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Is there anything specific you do prior to the game freezing, or does it just not start at all?

EDIT: I’m asking purely because I have a sneaking suspicion it’s not the hardware’s fault


Game starts fine, usually I can get thru the first room, when you get the the flying sequence, at first you can control it, then controls stop, then the screen freezes, getting back to windows is hard, CTRL-ALT-DEL works most of the time but on the previous version I had to power cycle to recover. I suspect a memory leak of some type. This is happens on the first version I downloaded and the new Revised! version.

Right! I’ll try my best to find what exactly is causing the issue and fix it for the next update, thank you so much for the detailed feedback.

I’m actually planning to re-do a lot of the game’s code to be more resource-friendly in the coming patches - that might also fix the issue, especially if it’s caused by a memory leak.

Again, thanks a lot and sorry for the inconvenience!

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Just played the revised version and I absolutely love it. Was able to get 7 ships before biting the bullet to one of the enemies. And the fact that different cubes give different resources now gives it a lot more strategy. Shooting's also a lot more satisfying now with enemies taking only one hit but you still needing to always be on the look out and clear the corners. The music also helps a lot in setting what your pace in the game should be. Amazing work on this.

Only complaint is that the head bob while hacking a crate can get annoying but that's more of a personal thing lol. Really love this game none the less


Thanks a lot for sticking around and checking out the new version, it really means a lot to me! I’ll see what I can do about the bobbing, it does get pretty repetitive for me too when playtesting.

BTW, I remember your feedback about the game needing a map - was it any easier to find your way on ships after I added the green lights on doors?


The green lights definitely help. Didn't need or want a map anymore lol. Again, great job on this game

I think i have found some bugs xD Example

If it’s got anything to do with spawning inside a crate when entering a red ship - that’s been fixed in the upcoming revised version!

And if not… Would you mind telling me more about how you managed to squeeze out of the map?


Yeah it when I enter a red ship and spawn inside a crate , thanks for the incoming quick fixs :)


really love the game! hope it gets expanded once the jam is over :)
had a lot of fun with it going from ship to ship stealing ship stuff

Thanks a lot for playing - you bet I’m gonna expand it!

am excited